Dental sealants

A preventive dental procedure called sealants for children's teeth helps shield their molars from cavities. Molars are more susceptible to degradation because they feature deep grooves and holes where food debris and bacteria can gather. The chewing surfaces of these teeth are coated with thin plastic coverings called sealants. Drilling or anesthesia is not necessary, and the operation is rapid and painless. By blocking the grooves and pits and acting as a barrier, the sealants stop food and bacteria from becoming stuck. This helps to lower the risk of cavities and encourages youngsters to have better dental health, keeping their smiles cavity-free
As soon as a child or adolescent's permanent molars and premolars have fully erupted, sealants are frequently advised. This usually happens between the ages of six and fourteen. By sealing off the deep grooves and pits where food particles and germs can collect, sealants applied at this point offer the freshly erupted teeth early protection. Children can benefit from long-term cavity prevention and retain healthy teeth by having sealants at the right age. However, those who are more likely to get cavities in their molars may also benefit from sealants. To ascertain the ideal age and window for applying sealants, it is preferable to speak with a dentist.

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