Functional plates /interceptive orthodontic treatment

interceptive treatment can be done when the problem in the normal development of the upper and lower jaws has already manifested and is in progression

This treatment can be started from 6 to 8 years of age till 12 to 13 years, in girls before their monthly periods start in boys till 13 years of age. In this age upper and lower jaws are developing if any abnormality in the growth and development of jaws is noticed, in this period it can be corrected by special kinds of plates named as functional plates or myofunctional plates so that normal growth of jaws can take place.
Oral habits like Thumb sucking (after 4 years of age), mouth breathing or nail biting, etc can lead to abnormal development of jaws.
These oral habits can also be corrected with the help of functional plates(habit-breaking plates/appliances ) These appliances or plates guide jaw growth and help to promote proper muscle function It is a proactive approach that focuses on the relationship of teeth, jaws and facial muscles to achieve optimal function and aesthetic(looks)

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