Flouride Treatment

A dental procedure called a fluoride treatment for children helps keep their teeth free of cavities. The mineral fluoride fortifies dental enamel, increasing its resistance to acid assaults from plaque and carbohydrates. The procedure, which normally causes little discomfort and only takes a few minutes, includes coating the teeth with a fluoride gel, varnish, or foam. It can be carried out during routine dental exams. Children benefit most from fluoridation since their developing teeth are more susceptible to decay. It supports long-term oral health, lessens the need for dental fillings, and assists in cavity prevention, ensuring that their smiles remain strong and healthy.
People of all ages can benefit from receiving fluoride treatment. Once a child's first tooth erupts, usually around age 6 months, fluoride treatments are typically advised. For continuous cavity prevention, regular fluoride treatments can be continued throughout childhood and adolescence. Fluoride treatments can also be beneficial for adults, particularly if they are at a higher risk for tooth decay or have poor enamel. Fluoride treatments may also be advantageous for people of any age who are receiving orthodontic treatment or who have specific dental diseases. A dentist or other dental expert can ultimately decide if fluoride therapy is necessary depending on a person's individual oral health requirements.

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